So-tech Smart Ordering for Hospitality industry

(Frequently Asked Questions)FAQ

Q.What is SO-tech Online Waiter?

A: SO-tech Waiter is a technology solution by Eki Digital Multipurpose Company Ltd. is designed to provide a faster, more convenient, and streamlined service experience for customers while also reducing errors and enhancing data security. This technology is a game-changer for the Hospitality industry, and we are excited about the potential it hold!

Q: What are the benefits of SO-tech Waiter?

A: The benefits of SO-tech Online Waiter include: • Faster and more accurate order processing, reducing wait times and errors. • Increased efficiency and productivity for Hospitality staff, who can focus on food preparation and customer service rather than taking orders. • Improved order customization and personalization, allowing customers to tailor their orders to their specific preferences and dietary needs. • Increased sales and revenue, as customers are more likely to order additional items when allowed to browse a digital menu and order at their own pace. • Enhanced customer experience, as customers have more control over their dining experience and can enjoy a seamless ordering process.

Q: How does SO-tech Online waiter work?

SO-tech Online Waiter is a digital solution that helps hospitality businesses such as lounges, bars, clubs, Beach and restaurants to provide a more efficient and streamlined service to their customers. The system works by allowing customers to use their smartphones to access a digital menu, place orders, and make payments.

SO-tech Online Waiter also provide valuable data insights to the business owner, including information on the most popular menu items, peak ordering times, and customer feedback. This information can be used to optimize operations, improve menu offerings, and enhance the overall customer experience.

SO-tech Online Waiter offers a convenient and efficient solution for hospitality businesses looking to streamline their operations and provide a more seamless service to their customers.

Q: Is SO-tech Online waiter secure?

A: Yes, SO-tech solutions typically use secure payment processing systems and adhere to strict data privacy and security protocols to protect customer information.

Q: What types of Business can benefit from SO-tech Online Waiter?

A: SO-tech can benefit a wide range of hospitality business, from quick-service establishments to fine-dining restaurants, lounges, Bars, Beach, Hotels, and Any hospitality business that wants to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency, and boost sales can benefit from a self-ordering solution.

Q: How much does SO-tech cost?

A: The cost of SO-tech solutions varies depending on the size and complexity of your business, as well as the specific needs of your organization. However, many solutions offer flexible pricing models that can be customized to fit your business budget and requirements.

Q: How can a hospitality business implement SO-tech Online Waiter?

A: To implement SO-tech, business owners can work with Our partners, or visit our portal and fill out the subscriber's form  SUBSCRIBERS FORM We can assess the business needs, design and install the system, and provide training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.