So-tech Smart Ordering for Hospitality industry

Igniting Economic Growth and Transforming Communities:
Join the Vision of Empowerment and Innovation - by Godwin Aigboviose Omage

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria, a land bursting with untapped potential and abundant resources, Godwin Aigboviose Omage stands as a visionary leader committed to uplifting his people and driving remarkable economic growth.

As the founder of Love Lead Outreach Ministries and Eki Digital Multipurpose Coy. Ltd, he carries a profound mission to create jobs, empower individuals, and leave an enduring positive impact. Guided by unwavering faith,

Godwin is determined to leverage innovation and leadership to transform lives, particularly in Edo state and the South-South region of Nigeria.

Embracing Leadership and Empowering Lives:

Godwin Aigboviose Omage firmly believes that recognizing the value of life is pivotal to effective leadership. Like a candle that loses nothing by lighting another, he aspires to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for his people. He acknowledges that being born a Nigerian was not a coincidence but a divine purpose. Being created in the image of God and equipped with His abilities, he considers it his solemn duty to initiate significant change in his community.

Love Lead Outreach Ministries and Eki Digital Multipurpose Coy. Ltd

Love Lead Outreach Ministries was established out of love for both God and people, fueled by a vision to bring positive transformation to countless lives. Alongside it, Eki Digital Multipurpose Coy. Ltd was founded to address the diverse needs of humanity. With a global perspective, Godwin aims to empower millions of entrepreneurs through innovative leadership strategies, enabling them to become influential change-makers.

Global Innovation with Local Impact:

Godwin fully grasps the power of a single spark in the darkness, and he is fully committed to bringing the benefits of global innovation to local communities. By establishing institutes that educate and train individuals, he intends to leverage their unique cultures to drive economic growth through tourism. Each community holds hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by people from all over the world, and Godwin is resolute in unlocking their potential.

Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry with Scalable Technology:

Under the banner of Eki Digital, we have developed an extraordinary scalable technology called SOtech, poised to revolutionize the hospitality industry. This innovative solution has the potential to create over 2,000 jobs in every Nigerian state. Our vision extends beyond job creation; we aim to empower 1,000 millionaires globally through our SOtech partner program within the next two years. This initiative will equip individuals with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive in the digital era.

Global Trade Zone: Bridging Africa to the World:

Within Eki Digital Multipurpose Coy. Ltd., we have established the Global Trade Zone, a cutting-edge digital platform facilitating the trading of products and services offered by Nigerians and Africans on the global market. This groundbreaking initiative is set to generate millions of jobs worldwide as we harness the power of e-commerce and enable seamless global trade.

The Win City Project: Africa's Premier Innovation Hub:

Spanning an expansive 2,000 hectares of land, The Win City Project aims to become the pinnacle of innovation and entrepreneurial possibilities in Africa. With an estimated investment of $20 billion, this visionary endeavor will provide millions of job opportunities for innovators and creators. Positioned as a global business hub, The Win City Project will propel Africa to the forefront of global economic growth.

Win Solar Farmhouse: Sustainable Development and Job Creation:

Godwin’s vision for sustainable development and job creation includes the establishment of Win Solar Farmhouses in all 774 local governments of Nigeria. Covering 100 hectares in each area, this initiative will directly employ 400 individuals per local government, generating substantial revenue. Over a four-month period, each local government is projected to generate $10 million in revenue and $4 million in net profits, exemplifying the potential of renewable energy to transform local economies.