So-tech Smart Ordering for Hospitality industry

Unlocking Success with SOtech as a Field Partner: Engaging, Reaching, and Earning More.


Welcome, SOtech Online Waiter Field partners! In today’s fast-paced digital era, technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate.

SOtech, as a leading online waiter platform, presents an incredible opportunity for you to engage with business owners, expand your reach, and create sustainable earnings for yourself. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of fully engaging with business owners, leveraging bonuses, and maximizing the partnership commission offered by SOtech for every subscriber.

Embrace Engagement:

Engaging with business owners is the key to unlocking success in the online waiter field. Actively reach out to local businesses, restaurants, cafes, and other establishments that could benefit from SOtech's services. Demonstrate the value proposition of the platform by highlighting the advantages it offers, such as streamlined order management, enhanced customer experience, and increased operational efficiency. Engage in meaningful conversations to understand their pain points, address concerns, and offer personalized solutions.

Expand Your Reach:

To maximize your earnings, it's crucial to expand your reach and connect with a diverse range of business owners. Utilize various channels such as social media, local business directories, industry events, and personal networks to identify potential prospects. Leverage SOtech's marketing resources and collaborate with their marketing team to run targeted campaigns. By reaching out to a wider audience, you'll increase your chances of onboarding more subscribers and boosting your earnings.

Tap into Bonuses:

SOtech offers bonuses as incentives to motivate and reward its field partners. Take advantage of these bonuses by actively participating in referral programs, special promotions, or seasonal campaigns. By referring new subscribers to SOtech, you not only help grow the platform but also earn additional income. Stay updated on the latest bonus schemes and leverage them to supplement your earnings. Remember, each bonus represents an opportunity to increase your financial success.

Harness the Partnership Commission:

One of the most significant advantages of being an SOtech field partner is the partnership commission offered on every subscriber you bring onboard. This commission provides a continuous source of income, enabling you to build a sustainable earning stream. Actively communicate this benefit to business owners, emphasizing how partnering with SOtech can not only enhance their operations but also provide you with ongoing support as their dedicated representative.

Continuous Learning and Improvement:

To thrive as an SOtech online waiter field partner, embrace continuous learning and self-improvement. Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the restaurant industry and the digital space. Familiarize yourself with the features, functionalities, and benefits of SOtech's platform, ensuring you can confidently address any queries or concerns. Regularly engage with the SOtech community, participate in webinars, and leverage their training resources to enhance your knowledge and skills.


As an SOtech online waiter field partner, you possess an incredible opportunity to engage with business owners, expand your reach, and create sustainable earnings for yourself. By actively reaching out to potential subscribers, taking advantage of bonuses and the partnership commission, and continuously improving your knowledge and skills, you can unlock greater success in this dynamic field. Embrace the power of engagement, tap into the resources provided by SOtech, and watch as your efforts result in increased earnings and a prosperous partnership.

Remember, the success of your SOtech journey lies in your hands. So, reach out, engage, and seize the opportunities that await you!